Travel Planning Tips.

Planning is one of the most important things when it comes to traveling because it makeS the process easier and you will not end up regretting once you reach your destination. It is never a good idea to figure out things as you go because you can easily end up in a problem that could have been easily avoided. There are many benefits you can expect to get from planning for a travel. If you need to travel soon, consider planning and you will see some of these benefits. Below are some travel planning tips that will go a long way.

good planning will make for a great trip


You should always have a rough idea of how much you are going to spend. You should not assume the money you have is enough to cover all the expenses. There are times when you are forced to spend more than you had planned. Properly planning will ensure you set aside some extra money for an emergency. There is also a chance that things will go differently from how you planned, and you are forced to spend more. When calculating your budget, factor in lodging, transportation, food, tips, activities/ entertainment, souvenirs, etc. Once you have a rough figure, add 10% to the budget so you can have some cushion.


One common mistake people make when traveling is carrying things they are not going to use. 90% of people only use 40% of what they carry when traveling. When you carry things you are not going to use, you end up adding more expenses because of extra baggage fees and schlepping frustration. Keep things organized and see what you don’t use regularly. If you have been traveling for some time, you have an idea of things you carry around that you don’t need. The best approach is sticking to the essentials.


This is something travelers forget and they end up being stuck while waiting to get copies of their documents. You should always have two copies of your driver’s license and passport. You will carry around one copy and give the other to a friend. You should also consider taking the photos of the documents and storing them on your smartphone. If your documents happen to get lost or stolen, you will have an easier time and you will avoid unnecessary heartache most people go through.


Many people don’t know much about booking, and this is why they just book at a time they feel like. Booking air travel for Tuesdays or Wednesday is a good idea because this is where tickets are the cheapest. Try booking your flight 26-29 days before your travel. If you are having trouble fitting this into your schedule, you can always delegate the task.

Keep Track

You should be tracking confirmations, reservations, and receipts. Download and use apps such as Evernote to save them so you can have an easier time finding them. Save important information somewhere you can easily retrieve.

Travel Insurance

If you are going for overseas trips, buy travel insurance. It will cover you against delayed or lost baggage, illness, and theft. When you have this cover, you will have peace of mind during your travel because you know the insurer will step in if things go wrong.

Store money and credit cards in different places

You should not have your money and cards all in one place because you will be left high and dry if it is stolen. Keep some money on you and the hotel safe. You should also talk to your credit card company so they can know you are planning on traveling. If you don’t contact them, you risk having your card limited.

Using legal names on documents

Your travel documents must have your legal name. If you don’t use your legal name, you risk being denied entry to your destination or experience delays. If your name is Michael, use that and not Mike.

If you have any medical condition that can be affected by your travel, ensure you have visited your doctor so they can tell you whether it is safe to travel or not. If you are on medication, they can help you get enough prescription that will last you the entirety of your travel. Travel planning tips is not that complicated, but you should start early so you have enough time to deal with any problem that might come up during the process.

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